3pc Shield Anchor


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  • 3pc Shield Anchor

    Brief Details : Shield Anchor
    Technical Description : 3pc shield Anchor
    Shield anchor 1

    3pc Shield Anchor

  • 4pc Shield Anchor

    Brief Details : Shield  Anchor
    Technical Description : 4pc Shield Anchor


    4PC Shield anchor

    4pc Shield Anchor

  • Bolt Anchor

    Brief Details : Bolt  Anchor

    Technical Description : Tought Tube, High Holding Power

    Bolt Anchor 3

    Bolt Anchor

  • Chemical Anchor

    Brief Details : Chemical Anchor

    Chemical anchor 1

    Chemical Anchor

  • Concrete Screws Anchor

    Concrete Anchor

    Concrete Screws Anchor

  • Drop – In Anchors – Zinc

    MARK  Drop in anchors

    Applications :

    • Light to heavy-duty into solid concrete 
    dropin copy

    Drop – In Anchors – Zinc

  • Hit Anchor

    Brief Details : Hit Anchor


    Hit Anchor

  • Hollow Wall Anchor

    Brief Details : Hollow Wall Anchor

    Hollow wall anchore

    Hollow Wall Anchor

  • Metal Frame Anchor

    Brief Details : Metal Frame Anchor
    Technical Description : Hollow wall metal frame anchor
    metal frame anchor 1

    Metal Frame Anchor