Magnetic Phillip Bit

MARK plus

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  • Magnetic Phillip Bit

    MARK & MARK plus

    Magnetic Phillip Bit


    Magnetic Phillip Bit

  • Masonry Blue Ruspert

    Masonry Blue Ruspert

  • Metal Bonded EPDM Washer

    Ethylene Propylene diene washer as per ASTM standard to resist heat, ozone and weather conditions.

    Metal Bonded EPDM Washer

  • Pan Phillip Head (Zinc)

    MARK Plus Pan Phillips (Zinc) Self Drilling Screws

    Applications :

    • Thin sheet to steel
    • Residential industrial steel frame construction
    • For light duty purpose¬†

    Pan Phillip Head (Zinc)

  • Spiral SDS – (Heavy to Very Heavy)

    Spiral Self Drilling Screws (for heavy to very heavy application)

    Spiral SDS – (Heavy to Very Heavy)

  • Truss Phillip Head (Zinc)

    MARK Plus Truss Phillips (Zinc) Self Drilling Screws

    Applications :

    • Residential steel frame construction
    • For fixing poly carbonate sheets
    • For gypsum application

    Truss Phillip Head (Zinc)

  • Wooden decking

    MARK plus  Decking screws

    Applications :

    • Wooden decking

    Wooden decking

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