CSK Ribbed Head SDS (Ruspert)

Applications :

  • For Calcium silicate board
  • Partition boards
  • Residential & commercial uses
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Product Description

MARK Plus CSK Ribbed Head Self Drilling Screws

Features :

  • Manufactured from ultra tough carbon steel C-1022
  • Cold Forged & heat treated for extra strength & durability
  • Hardened drill point enables screws to drill through steel and lead threads formed on screws allows correct tapping at high drilling speed
  • Tin & Zinc based mechanically deposited high anti corrosive ruspert/xylan coating as per AS 3566.2 Class 3 provide for additional cover against scratches, gas and weathering
  • Uniformly coated finish for better aesthetic value
  • Unique Drill Point to maximize performance with minimum efforts
  • Sharp thread threads design maximize pull out and minimise backout 

Applications :

  • For Medium to Light purpose
  • Stitching roof decks and wall panels
  • Residential, commercial and industrial frame construction

Technical Details :

  • Material : C-1022
  • Case Hardened
  • Coating: Ruspert/ Xylan
  • Finish : Silver Grey
  • Washer : EPDM

Available Sizes :

Code #

Gauge-TPI x Length (mm) Drill Point Thread

Drilling Capacity (mm)


7 x 25 # 2 Full
S029 7 x 38 # 2 Full



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